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Wine Business Magazine Highlights the Craft and Persona of Brendon Keys of BK Wines

Wine Business Magazine Highlights the Craft and Persona of Brendon Keys of BK Wines

Kiwi Born - Aussie Established high flying (literally on a skateboard) winemaker Brendon Keys of BK Wines in the Adelaide Hills continues to grow his brand through hard work and great booze. Wine Business Monthly highlights our dear friend and highlights what makes the man tick, why he does what he does and his aversion to safe winemaking. DOWNLOAD PDF »
Wine Spectator's Matt Kramer Says Margaret River Is The World's Most Under Appreciated Wine Region

Wine Spectator's Matt Kramer Says Margaret River Is The World's Most Under Appreciated Wine Region

OVERLOOKED - "The term "overlooked" deserves definition. In this context, I am suggesting that "overlooked" means not so much that no one has paid any attention at all. Today, you can find varying degrees of attention for pretty much any wine zone in the world. There's always someone posting a tasting note somewhere."

Matt Kramer tends to tell it like it is. He draws the line and often creates debate though he backs it up with facts. Matt is not afraid to bring up unpopular topics at Wine Spectator in a forum often filled with conforming ideas.

We'd like to think Margaret River has been overlooked but often when wines are poured for the public the response is very favorable. VISIT WEBSITE »
2014 Harvest at Le Ragnaie

2014 Harvest at Le Ragnaie

Our fearless Tuscan friend, Riccardo Campinoti took to the silver screen (or maybe grey one) to showcase a bit of the '14 harvest. READ MORE »
World's Highest Wine Launch!!! Armenian Style.

World's Highest Wine Launch!!! Armenian Style.

What happens when you introduce a wine to the world at 16,853 feet? You'd have to see it to believe it. Zorah's winemaker, Zorik Gharibian, did just that by revealing his latest wine called 'Yeraz' to the world.

Master of Wine, Caroline Gilby was on hand to join the festivities and likened 'Yeraz' to ‘something like a blend of Cru Burgundy mixed with top Sangiovese in character, but with its own distinctive hints of spice and crushed raspberry.’

When will the wine be available in the U.S? Only time will tell right now. In the meantime, the 'original' Armenian Grand Cru 'Karasi' is still available. CLICK FOR ARTICLE »
Australia on the Move

Australia on the Move

Harvey thinks "With more classic and oustanding bottlings available than ever before, it may finally be time for Americans to rethink their preconceptions about Australian wine." READ MORE »
Wall Street Journal is 'Stoked About New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc' - Featuring Auntsfield 'Single Vineyard' 2013

Wall Street Journal is 'Stoked About New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc' - Featuring Auntsfield 'Single Vineyard' 2013

The zippy, zingy, grapefruity Sauvy has plenty of competition from wineries seeking minerality, texture and subtlety, Will Lyons of the WSJ has concluded.

From a blind tasting of 45 wines with Melaine Brown of the Providores Restaurant in London, they singled out 15 favorites that stood apart from the crowd.

Will had this to say about the '13 Auntsfield Sauvignon Blanc: "Fresh and pure with a refined nose laced with gooseberry and lemon grass, this wine possesses a silky, ethereal texture. But once sipped, bang!, a taut, powerful mineral richness shines through." VISIT WEBSITE »

Dipping into Australia's natural wine scene

Harvey Steiman takes a deeper look at Jauma, Lucy Margaux, Ochota Barrels and BK Wines. READ MORE »

Vine Street Imports is dedicated to bringing the most exciting boutique and artisan wines from around the globe to the US market. Our wines garner critical acclaim from major wine reviewers and can be found in prestigious retail shops and restaurants around the country. In addition to our national portfolio, Vine Street Imports represents many of the world’s great wineries for exclusive distribution in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Like a truffle hunting dog, VSI founder Ronnie Sanders continues to scour the planet in search of booze that shows distinctiveness and a story. It all started with a relationship back in the latter part of the 20th century with a prominent Aussie winery. That association has developed and redeveloped over the years to metamorphose into what VSI represents today. While Australia is the feng shui of the portfolio, the evolution of our global selections continues.

Vine Street Imports represents many of the most talented winemakers and their craft from Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Spain and Germany. Personality and open-mindedness are at the core of our mantra, this is expressed with the labels, styles and varietals that we work with. In the words of Italian Renaissance man Gabriele D’Anuzzio, “Memento Audere Semper” (Remember to Always Dare).

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Fact One: 'Teinturier' refers to very uncommon grape varieties with red skin, flesh and juice.The most famous one is Alicante Bouschet.  Fact Two: Alicante Bouschet also is known by the moniker, Garnacha Tintorerra.  Fact Three: Cien y Pico (translation is 'hundred and something') produces high elevation, estate grown Garnacha Tintorerra from 100+ year old vines! Fact Four: Zar Brooks is the legend behind Cien y Pico and who doesn't love Zar? Fact Five: You need Cien y Pico.

48 different grape varieties are permitted for Port wine production. Justin Lane of Alpha Box & Dice has figured out how to incorporate 2 of them in 'Mistress.'  TOURIGA NACIONAL & TINTA NEGRA MOLLE

Did you know only 20 of the 400 species of oak is used to make oak barrels for aging wine, the average tree age being 170 years?

Parcels of Le Ragnaie's vineyard extend over the maximum 600 meters elevation placed by the DOCG of Rosso & Brunello di Montalcino therefore providing the fruit for the 'declassified' Chianti Colli Senesi (too high of altitude Rosso di Montalcino)!

The name Barossa means Hill of Roses. It was applied to the region by Col. William Light in the 1820’s after the site of a battle fought in the Peninsular War between England’s allies and Napoleon in 1811. (Col. Light participated in the battle.) Someone, misspelled the word and the valley ended up Barossa instead of the correct Barosa.

Piedmont was originally settled by the Celts. It was conquered by Hannibal and reconquered by the Ancient Romans. Piedmont was ruled by the French Savoy family for almost five hundred years. It was a center in the fight to unify Italy. Victor Emmanuel II, the king of Piedmont and Sardinia, became the first king of modern Italy in 1861.