Lost Highway Project

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The Lost Highway Project is a fresh, progressive concept in winemaking developed and trademarked by Vine Street Imports. The project entails collaboration with the world's finest winemakers and artists to produce critically acclaimed wine, paired with inspired original labels, bottles and packaging. The typical Lost Highway case production is small and exclusive in nature. There is no corporate timeline, philosophy or marketing model for the Lost Highway Project. Simple passion for the life of wine inspires the winemakers and the artists to participate in this innovative venture.

In 2002, the Lost Highway Project debuted and introduced the first ever 2000 Vintage 100 percent Malbec from Andrake Cellars in Washington State, which featured computer graphic artwork by Philadelphia based artist Eric Weiss. Since the first vintage, there have been 8 other wines to follow, each attaining its own critical praise, and both collector and consumer recognition.
Lost Highway