Late last week, Australian wine writer/critic, Max Allen gave a preview for the prestigious Young Guns of Wine ( award.

For those of us in the states, this probably means nothing to you but in Australia (not a third world country and one with a very sophisticated wine culture for those that don't know) it is the equivalent of the Wine Oscars of the Future.

Vine Street Imports is very proud to have two finalist in the awards:
Taras Ochota, Ochota Barrels - Adelaide Hills
James Erskine, Jauma Wines - Adelaide Hills

The evening of December 1st in Melbourne the winners were announced...guess who is due much praise???

Both Taras and James, that's who!

Taras Ochota took home the title of 2013 V-Know Young Gun of Wine while James Erskine was named Winemaker's Choice Winner!

A HUGE congratulations to these two!

note: photo credit to Alex Head of Head Wines (also some crazy legit booze).