Baden Baden is a remarkable wine region. Shielded by the Odenwald hills and the Black Forest on one side and the Vosges mountains on the other, it enjoys the sunniest and warmest climate in Germany, with temperatures that are almost mediterranean.

Nestled in the country’s southwest border alongside Switzerland and France, Baden stretches from Lake Constance’s glistening shores along the brooding Black Forest to historic Heidelberg. Here the warmest viticultural climate in all of Germany exists allowing an array of varities to be grown. Castles, thermal springs, expansive conifer forests and half-timbered villages lie in between to explore. So much sunshine means that the Pinot varieties can play a starring role, but Riesling also gets its due. Topography and a patchwork of soils create steep vineyards, arresting landscapes and stunning wines.

Soils range from deep granitic outcrops to fractured basalt in addition to the more common sprinkling of loess.