Rioja Alta

La Rioja

Rioja Alta La Rioja is more than just wine giant wine region and the more one dives into Rioja the easier it is to see that face.

There are three sub-regions in Rioja: Rioja Alta (western section, higher elevation, often seen as highest quality area with great verve and balance), Rioja Alavesa (northern section, poor soils to help keep yields down, high elevation, full bodied and high acid wines), and Rioja Baja (southeast, drier and warmer and more Mediterranean, producing wines of ripeness and power).

Rioja Alta centers on the historic town of Haro, where a number of well-known wineries are located.

Rioja Alta is perhaps the most important of the three Rioja sub-regions, both in terms of quality and the quantity of wine produced. The climate is largely similar to that of Rioja Alavesa and, as in Alavesa, the vineyards here are located at higher altitudes than in Rioja Baja, assisting in the accumulation of acidity, color and moderate alcohol levels.