Corse-du-Sud The department was formed on 15 September 1975, when the corsican department was divided into Haute-Corse and Corse-du-Sud. Its boundaries correspond to the former department of Liamone, which existed from 1793 to 1811.

"In 30 years, Corsican vineyards have metamorphisized. Its size has been reduced, its vignerons have strengthened, and its wines have developed in charm and typicity thanks to the rediscovery of local varietals. It’s an upheaval! In thirty years Corsican vineyards have completely changed face. In the 1970’s, vines occupied over 30000 hectares, for the most part planted on the eastern plains with excessive yields. In 2011, only 7000 hectares remain in production on the island. Far from being a failure, this contraction
heralds a tremendous renewal.

Let’s say it clear: Corsica is the most exciting wine region in France. Twenty days of inquiry and a complete
tour of the island have permitted us to identify the factors of its dynamism. Foremost, the recognition and protection of a rich heritage of indigenous varietals after thirty years of research. Secondly, spectacular work on modernization of cellars and the emergence of a generation of vignerons liberated from the errors of the past and assuming their identity. Finally, there are the wines; delicious, fine and distinct."
- Kermit Lynch