In this ever changing wine world that we live and drink in staying true to core values while still progressing is often difficult. Hedonistic fruit bombs, high acid/low alcohol, natural wine, orange wine, heavy ML/Diacetyl, etc…these are all examples of ‘wine trends’ that thrived at some point over the last 20 years. Many find it easy to jump off of one fad and on to another while ultimately sacrificing the culture of a portfolio. Vine Street Imports has always looked to be a leader in the realm of fine wine. As thus we continue to strive to lead in packaging, marketing, quality, provenance and satisfaction.

The passion for quality and value are an ever consuming desire that is at the core of Vine Street Imports. FACT: There is a lot of wine in this world. ANOTHER FACT: There is a lot of great wine in this world. AND ANOTHER: Every portfolio has many of these great wines in them. We just hope to have SOME of these great wines and many really, really good ones.

We have many school night wines that over-deliver on their price as well as reference point standards for their respective varietals and regions. It is this equilibrium that keeps a portfolio honest and ultimately successful. We have attributed our wine selection process to working with tremendous people in world-class wine regions and ensuring that the fruit of their labor is not compromised by only using refrigerated shipping and storage methods. This approach ultimately is based on four fundamental truths, or “noble truths” that define what makes a Vine Street Imports wine.


Four “Noble Truths” of Vine Street Imports' Wines

Flavoricity – A somewhat made up word that comes to be when you are trying to define what is so delicious about a given wine and you’ve had one too many swigs. This should be the single most important character of any wine. We don’t really care if the wine has notes of sandalwood, brambly blackberries, garrigue or any of that über-adjective driven nonsense. If the wine does not taste good then why would we want to represent, buy or sell it?

Balance – We could talk about this subject until the sun comes up and there would still be ongoing debates. Balance in our view is the point where alcohol, fruit, tannin and acidity work harmoniously with the texture to create the structure of a wine. If a wine is out of balance young, it will remain that way as it ages…and the inverse applies.

Precision – Are the ubiquitous flavors of the grape delineated and apparent? We view precision not just in reference to flavor but also as a characteristic in wine that is carried over from the precise nature of soil. The French would call this ‘terroir’ but we refer to it as ‘precision.’ Does the wine taste like the habitat of the vine? Those singular flavors are representative of the individual nuances from soil content, geographical exposure, elevation, grade, etc. Basically the unexplainable flavors and aromas in wine.

Clarity – If those flavors and aromas are muted or discombobulated then what good are the bright fruit and subtle tertiary notes? Clarity is our view that it is a more pleasurable to drive with a clean windshield just as it is more enjoyable to drink a wine that reflects that same idea. Where precision is about a sense of place on one hand and precise flavors in a wine on another, clarity allows this all to be enjoyed.