Vayots Dzor

Yeghegnadzor The name of the region means "the valley of canes" in the Armenian language. During Joseph Stalin's time, the city was renamed after Soviet politician Anastas Mikoyan.

Surrounded by dramatic snow-capped mountains, the region of Yeghegnadzor averages 4,600 feet above sea level is recognized as the oldest wine region in the world with the ancient 6,100 year old winery unearthed just recently. The identity of the ancient Armenian wine-makers remains a mystery, but the scientists said they believed the press was used by predecessors of the Kura-Axes people, an early Transcaucasian group. Yeghegnadzor is Armenia’s quintessential grape growing region for wines of elegance.

Long dry summers, with remarkably vivid sunlight and high daytime temperatures contrast with cool nights encouraging a lengthy growing season and pushing harvest to the end of October. The rocky soils, rich in limestone, help maintain moisture for the vines during the intense summer heat while the slow ripening ensures the development of natural sugars which balance the fruit’s characteristic acidity.