Tasmania - Huon Valley


Tasmania - Huon Valley Until relatively recently Tasmania was the overlooked piece of the Australian wine puzzle. An outlier both physically and in terms of perception, Tasmania spent years quietly going about its business with only a few big name pioneers pricking the consciousness of the average wine lover. Oh, how things have changed… In a few short years Tasmania has gone from curio to centre-stage courtesy of its wonderful collection of cool climate wines that are proving themselves to be amongst the world’s finest.

With almost 1750 hectares planted to grape vines and home to 160 producers, Tasmania’s output accounts for less than 1% of Australia’s total wine production (only .1% is exported) yet it represents 10% of the premium wine segment. And while classed as cool climate, Tasmania’s environment is more varied than it first appears with parts of the state – the Coal River Valley, Richmond, and Tamar Valley for example - being drier and warmer than southern Victoria. Unlike Victoria, and although there is much sub-regional diversity in terms of soil, climate and wine styles, the entire state markets itself singularly as Tasmania rather than by defined sub-regions. This lack of sub-division is in part a testament to the youth of Tasmania as a wine region.

Driven by a new frontier of intrepid winemakers, Tasmania’s future will capitalize on its popularity, uncompromising reputation for quality and showcase new varietals and styles that will carry the unmistakable stamp of Tasmanian identity. The wines are as beautiful as the land from which they hail, and with so much untapped potential and winemakers learning more about their climates with each passing vintage, the future for this long-time outsider could hardly be brighter.