Yarra Valley


We at Vine Street Imports have worked with a handful of producers over the year. Most of which produce small amounts of wine at extremely high quality. Icons such as Michael Dhillon at Bindi have been there almost from the start. Names like Gary Mills of Jamsheed, Taras Ochota of Ochota Barrels and Fraser McKinley of Sami-Odi have risen to prominence recently by getting back to the roots of viti and viniculture. Where does Timo come into play? He is the silent assassin. The mad genius amongst his peers. Timo is Timo.

Timo Mayer is the owner and winemaker of Mayer family Vineyards in the Varra Valley.  Also head winemaker at the renowned producer Gembrook, Timo makes his own wines from a beautiful 6.4 acre plot of steeply sloped vineyard land about 5 miles south of Healesville on the base of Mount Toolebewoong.  The vineyard is called the Bloody Hill (because of the effort it is to walk up and down it each day whilst working). Timo is a strong believer that wines are made in the vineyard and does as little as possible to interfere in the growing and winemaking process. His wines, unfiltered and unfined are always expressive and reflective of the site and the vintage.

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