Portell is produced by a cooperative called Vinícola de Sarral, which is located in the wine region of Conca de Barberá. This is a region deeply rooted in wine history dating back to the Roman times and Cisterian monks in the middle ages continuing that tradition. The cooperative began as an agricultural union in 1907 and taking on its current name in 1959. Production of still wines existed from the beginning but it was not until 1984 that Cava production commenced. 

The vineyards are farmed by a consortium of farmers/members with vineyard holdings totalling roughly 2,500 acres and located between 1,150-2,300 feet in elevation. The majority of the holdings are in teh valleys of the Francoli and Anguera rivers and are shielded by the Serra de Mirarmar and Cogullo Mountains to the East and Serra de Montclar range to the North. The members' holdings include the world's majority of the grape Trepat, used in the Rosat Brut. The cooperative is atyipcal for agricultural companies in the region in that they pay the growers based on quality of fruit and secondly by quantity.

The winemaking, while done on a large scale, is very hands on in nature. The plots are kept separately and it is only after fermentation and during assemblage are the vineyards combined. The winemaking team certainly is looking for a house style but one that reflects the high altitude and mineral driven vineyards that compose these beautiful wines.