Inspired by many travels to New Zealand, California and Burgundy, Johan Meyer, AKA “Stompie”, has been scouting vineyards hoping to produce the best South Africa can offer, giving honor to the world’s most elite varieties: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Johan established his namesake winery in 2011, with 2012 seeing the first bottling of these fine wines. Driven by nature and “terroir” the wines show unique flavors and characteristics of the land from which they came.

He loves nature and focuses on the vines and site rather than on winemaking recipes or traditions. He says, "I want to make honest and pure wines showing terroir and the expression off the grape and not the "hand of the winemaker” but rather the hand and the heart of the farmer!"

 While none of the vineyards are 'estate' by ownership standards every site is leased on a 15-year contract with first right of refusal and the ability to dictate most viticultural practices. It is very difficult to buy land in Swartland, especially for a small producer. It is a long-term goal to have various sites. In the mean time Johan has planted vines on the family property in the Southern Cape that will be coming online soon!

Learning and fully understanding the unique South African terroir, understanding and learning from the vines and telling their "story" is ultimatley the best way to sum up the vision and passion behind J.H. Meyer.

In the winery there is no SO2 added before or during fermentation but it’s a natural element that comes from the vines and you will always end up with some SO2 in the wines. That being said the wines are lightly sulfured before bottling for preservation and stability.

In short, the wines are simply “natural fermented grape juice."

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