McLaren Vale


Sister’s Run is serious fun and serious wine. The talented, young winemaker Elena Brooks (of Dandelion Vineyards and Heirloom Vineyards fame) wears steel cap work boots every day of course, but carries a pair of high heels in back of the ute, only for emergencies, like last minute invitations to accept trophies at gala wine show dinners and the like.

Returning from a ‘knees-up’ at midnight, mid-vintage, she managed to kick off one high heel and slip back into a boot’ just as the cellar crew cried out, ‘Run Sister Run’; and exactly then the winemaker and label took flight! Single sites from throughout South Australia are the heartbeat of this brand. Real vineyards tended to by a real winemaker, with each lot kept separate is a rarity these days, especially for wines that retail sub-$20!

Elena's defacto husband, and business partner, Zar certainly doesn't take himself serious and it has rubbed off on the 'much more serious (read Eastern European) Elena. They do take their wines serious though and the proof is in the proverbial pudding. Elena has always sald that all you need to know about wine is the five ‘V’s and remember the best wine is the wine you like.

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