Eden Valley

"Love is an emotion that can be felt for an eternity.  Gold is just material."
- Michael Twelftree, Co-Founder of Love over Gold

What does one do for a second act after creating one of Australia's most iconic wine brands, not just of the past 20 years, but throughout its 175 year vinous history?  Purchase an extraordinary and exemplary farmstead and create a new history.  Michael Twelftree, founder of Two Hands Wines has read this chapter and in the midst of his next.  He is not alone in this endeavor and is working with a very talented team of partners: Pierre-Henri Morel (former right hand man to Michel Chapoutier and now general manager of Two Hands Wines, Joel Mattschoss (fifth generation Barossa grower and has farmed this property for a number of years, and his father many more before that), and Tim Hower (the man behind the scenes making things happen).

He has an intimate knowledge of the great vineyards in South Australia, working in four regions and with dozens of vineyards with his other projects, Michael knew where he wanted to have his memoirs written...the Eden Valley.  The Eden is a special place and home to two of the most renowned vineyards in Australia: Henschke's 'Hill of Grace' and Chris Ringland's 'Three Rivers' to name perhaps the two most notable.  What drew him to Mengler's Hill, perched atop the Barossa and overlooking the valley to the west and the High Eden to the east, was the mineral driven soils and large diurnal shifts with cooler days.

The vineyard is the highest altitude Mourvedre vineyard in the world and highest Grenache vineyard in Australia (540 meters above sea level), though that’s not what makes it special, it is the own-rooted, old vine (with some new plantings) Shiraz.  It is on the top of Mengler’s Hill (the true start of the Eden & Barossa Valleys).  Most of the vineyard is now semi-trellised (good thing) though there is still some bush vine material on the property.  The Eden is much colder than one can imagine and the vines need to concentrate fruit better in order to find ripeness, hence VSP training.

The soils are 490-555 million year old (Pre-Cambrian).  Bedrocks of metamorphosed schists, greywackes, gneisses, siltstone and shale.  The topsoil is shallow, skeletal grey sandy loam mixed with of both ironstone and quartz.

The wines have an uncanny amount of grace and definition.  They are not wines of power in the least but demonstrate the perfection that syrah can showcase of savory and fruity tones, like many of the great Côte-Rôties of yesteryear. 

"And when you finally reappear
At the place where you came in
You've thrown your love to all the strangers
And caution to the wind."
- Mark Knopfler, "Love over Gold"

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