Winemaker + Viticulturist generally is an equation resulting in wine. Rarely is it 'compelling' wine and certainly not seen that often in a second vintage.  Viticulturist consultant Etienne Terblanche (AKA Dr. Pinotage) and the utterly talented Stephanie Wiid (day job is running ferments and blending at Fairview).  They have sought out various nooks and crannies given their supreme knowledge of the Cape with a common vision of style and growth.

Farmers often curse Thistles and Weeds; they’re spiny, prickly and a nuisance at the very least.  But, it is their tenacity and uncompromising survival skills in which we can draw parallels with the grapevine – considered by many as the ultimate weed.  The grapevine has a phenomenal ability to adapt to its surroundings and persist in hostile environments.  By the same token it not only survives, but produces fruit that mirrors the trials and tribulations it has endured on a specific site and it is this terroir Etienne & Stephanie want to showcase. 

They seek out organic and reponsibly farmed vineyards with established and expressive vines.  Chenin Blanc has been the focus, producing two different expressions from two very different terroirs.  They're not afraid to push the boundaries though demonstrating that South Africa is about far more than 'Steen.'  'Nastergal' is a red blend of Alicante Bouschet & Tempranillo that is neither shy nor explosive. 

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